To join ARFWE you must meet one of the following conditions:

1.  A retired employee of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW)

2. A current employee of WDFW and within 2 years of retirement.

3. A retired employee of a predecessor agency of WDFW including the former Washington Departments of Game, Wildlife, or Fisheries

4. A former commissioner of WDFW or its predecessor agencies subject to Board approval

5. The spouse of a deceased member of ARFWE


Individual membership dues are  $20/year.  Dues will not be prorated.  Dues are payable upon joining the Association.  Annual dues for current members are due on or before the tenth day of January of each calendar year.  For more information see our BY-LAWS

Download the membership form by right clicking on this LINK and selecting the option to download or save the file (the option varies by web browser).  The form cannot be completed in a browser window.  It must be downloaded first.  

You can print a hard-copy of the downloaded membership form and complete it in ink  or complete the downloaded form on your computer, save it, and print it.

Send the completed membership form and a $20 personal check payable to ARFWE  to:

ARFWE Treasurer

PO Box 2568

Olympia, Washington 98507


If you need help, have questions or comments,  please CONTACT us.